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Announcing Our Closure

After months of deliberations, I am announcing that I am going to close down Affordable Kilts. This wasn’t an easy decision to make but it is the right decision for me and my family at this time.

I started this business back in 2017 as a side hustle to my main full time job. This side hustle has simply become too busy for me now. It requires more hours than I can now put in. The time I spend running this business after I’ve worked a full day with my main job is time I’d much rather spend with my family (I wasn’t married or had kids when I started this business). Yes it’s awesome owning a fairly successful company but something needs to go in order to free up some time for me. I’ve decided to sacrifice Affordable Kilts.

Since we went live in April 2017 we have taken well over 7000 orders through our website and many more at the events we attend with our mobile store. We have gathered close to 40,000 followers on social media making us the #1 followed kilt company in Canada by a considerable margin and #4 in North America overall (I think). We have supplied many TV shows and movies over the past few years. We’ve even had some famous people in our little showroom in Vancouver picking some things up. We have sponsored a few highland games competitors including both women’s teams in the annual US East v West competition a few years ago. We have donated many prizes to many events over the years. We have supplied pipe bands all over North America, we have taken orders from the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Belgium, Sweden, Germany, The Netherlands, Japan, Taiwan, France as well as Canada and the US.

Not too shabby for a part time side hustle that’s only been in business for 6 years!

We are holding quite a bit of stock that we aim to sell off before we close for good (jackets/sporrans/shirts/shoes/pins/socks etc) so we will still continue to trade as normal until that stock has more or less gone. It might take us a month to sell out, it might take us a year, we obviously have no way of telling although I suspect it won’t take too long to sell most of what we have. All of these accessories are now priced with at least 20% off. The discounts offered on each product will increase as time passes so there are huge savings to be made but you do run the risk of us selling out if you leave it too late to order. We will not be replacing any stock so once an item is gone, it is gone. I have no idea when the discount increases will happen. I will make that decision as time passes.

We will continue to take kilt orders as normal in the meantime and our turnaround time will remain the same. All of our kilts are also now discounted so even if you don’t require any accessories there are great deals to be had. Don’t miss out!

Every order received will be fulfilled. (or refunded if it can’t be fulfilled for any reason).

I have loved building this business from scratch and am very proud of what it has become but I have other priorities in my life now.  Maybe one day in the future when my kids are a bit older I’ll start back up again. Who knows what the future holds.

Thank you to everyone who has trusted and supported us over the past 6 years.

If anyone is interested in buying the Affordable Kilts name and assets (website, social media pages, supplier contacts etc.) I’d be more than happy to discuss that. Just shoot me a message.

Kind Regards

Barry Fisher
Owner of Affordable Kilts