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Irish Tartan Kilt

40x24" Irish National Tartan Kilt

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Product Details

Waist 40-42". Drop length 24"
Introducing our entry level 'Casual' kilt.

This is an 8 Yard 13oz acrylic Kilt. Ideal for those hot summer days!

These acrylic kilts are ideal for running and hiking. They are also favored by Highland Games competitors because they are tough but lightweight compared to our Premium/Deluxe kilts.

  • This kilt has an inner cotton lining protecting quality and ensuring comfort.
  • 3 leather adjustable belts allowing for 2" adjustment.
  • Has 2 belt loops at the rear.
  • Please see our 'how to measure' page to ensure you order the correct waist size and drop length. This is a very important step when ordering your kilt.  Please DO NOT order your kilt based on your pant size or you will almost certainly order a size that is too small.
  • The standard drop length on these kilts is 24". 
  • Machine washable. Please see our care guidelines for more information.

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