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Great Kilts

Great kilts are long pieces of fabric which are hand pleated and then put on with a belt or strap into while laying down. They were what would have typically been worn before the more modern use of buckles and straps.

Ordering this item gets you just the material. If you want any other accessories those need to be added separately.

Features Include:

  • Double width fabric - 54"
  • Choose from 5, 6 or 7 yard lengths
  • Over 150 tartans to choose from
  • Fringed ends


If your kilt size is:

  • 34-42" - We recommend 5 yards
  • 42-48" - We recommend 6 yards
  • 48"+ - We recommend 7 yards

As this is a a custom order product, it is not eligible for a return or exchange (except where a genuine defect is found).

This item can take up to up 10 weeks to produce and ship but typically it will be closer to 4 or 5 weeks.

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