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About Affordable Kilts

Hi. I would like to take this opportunity to tell you the reason why I started this business.

Born in a small town in Scotland. I lived there for 30+ years before moving to Canada in 2014.

For my bachelor party in May 2017, we decided to go to Las Vegas. All of my friends and I  agreed on a kilt theme. A bunch of guys from Scotland and a bunch of guys from Vancouver were making the trip. I knew there was a kilt known as a 'casual kilt' or 'drinking kilt' in Scotland. These kilts were much, much more affordable than the full on proper, custom made kilt. I didn't think paying several hundred dollars for a kilt then heading to Vegas where there would be a copious amount of alcohol and junk food being consumed & spilled was a good idea! So I searched and searched for these 'casual kilts' in Canada and could not find a supplier of them. In the end, the Canadians and myself had to have them shipped over from Scotland. Once I had made a full recovery from my Vegas trip, I searched for and found a fantastic sewing partner. I then started Affordable Kilts. We now fill that huge gap that existed between having no kilt at all or paying hundreds of dollars for one.

There are plenty of custom kilt makers in B.C & Canada. If you are looking for a full on proper, custom made kilt from 100% wool and don't mind paying in excess of $500 for just the kilt alone, this is not the place for you. Send me a message and I will be more than happy to point you in the direction you are looking for. If you would like a fantastic looking kilt at a fraction of the cost, then look no further. Our 'Premium' kilts are made from 75% wool and are as close to the genuine article as you will get without paying genuine article prices. Our 'Casual' kilts are an entry level kilt and are machine washable. Those are made from 25% wool. If you are thinking about getting a kilt custom made but are unsure about committing to the huge financial commitment, this is the place to be. Get a kilt from us (no one will be able to tell the difference) then you'll know after a while if you love wearing the kilt or not. Trust me, you will. The Canadian guys that went to Vegas with me cannot get enough of wearing their kilts now. Some even wore it to their Canadian Thanksgiving dinner!

Get yourself a kilt. You will turn heads wherever you go. They look incredible, they are an amazing conversation starter at those dinners your wife dragged you to. Much more importantly, as soon as you put it on, you are instantly more attractive!