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How to Measure

TRADITIONAL TARTAN KILTS: Your kilt size is NOT your pants size. Instead of measuring around your waist where you normally would for pants, you need to measure around where you plan or wearing the kilt.  Usually it's just above the naval/belly button. Make sure the measurement is taken against the skin (do not measure over clothes otherwise you will request a size that will be too big). The tape measure should be snug although not too tight when recording your measurements. Don't take the measurement yourself or you will likely get it wrong. Get someone to help you.

MODERN UTILITY KILTS: Some prefer to wear these kilts at the same level as they wear their pants, some prefer to wear these a bit further up as explained above. It's entirely personal preference.

LADIES SKIRTS: Our skirts have a standard length of 16" so they are quite short. Please keep this in mind when ordering. You may want to order based on your hip size.

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