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Kilt Jackets

Within this jacket collection we have the Prince Charlie Jacket plus the Light Grey Argyll and Black Argyll Kilt Jackets. 

Vest is included.

Made from a polyester wool blend. These are extremely comfortable.

Get that $1000 look with a jacket that costs only a fraction of that. These jackets are not custom made to your specific measurements. Please work with the sizing guide below and order what you are closest to. It may not be a perfect fit but it will be pretty close. If you are caught between 2 sizes, we recommend going with the bigger one.

Your order will be shipped within 2-6 weeks (depending on how full our production queue is at the time of your order being received). Please allow up to 10 weeks if possible though to cover for any potential unforeseen delays which there rarely are but can happen

Chest Sleeve Length 
40" Short 24"     Regular 25"     Long 26"
42" Short 24"     Regular 25"     Long 26"
44" Short 24"     Regular 25"     Long 26"
46" Short 24.5"     Regular 25.5"     Long 26.5"
48" Short 24.75"  Regular 25.75"  Long 26.75"
50" Short 25"     Regular 26"     Long 27"
52" Short 25"     Regular 26"     Long 27"

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