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Affordable Kilts
David King
Cape Breton Serial Kilter

Thanks to Barry and his excellent kilts, I'm now a serial kilter in Cape Breton. During covid, and before moving back to the island, I was wearing my custom wool kilt on walks with my wife around Dartmouth. I had that one made after leaving the military so that I could attend formal mess dinners. After moving home, I found Barry's site and tired one of his kilts. They really are excellent quality for the blend and cost. Slippery slope though, I'm afraid. I started wearing them daily, and even my boss though it would be cool to wear them to work, which I do (not in the winter). Lots of positive comments around here, but if you can't wear a kilt whenever you want in Cape Breton, where could you? I have a new wool kilt made in Sydney with the Absolute Darkness tartan--a tribute to Cape Breton coal miners, but I have about 8 of Barry's with a Maple Leaf tartan on order. Come on Spring!

Affordable Kilts
T Herring
Barry is the best.

If you want to talk about customer service, you have to talk about Barry from Affordable Kilts. Due to my error and procrastination I ordered the wrong kilt size late in the game and Barry was helping right up until the day before my wedding getting me set with a proper kilt and on my way. It looked phenomenal.
His prices are so "affordable", I will certainly shop with him again, and I look forward to it.

Affordable Kilts
Jordan Sanchez
Amazing experience

What an amazing customer service experience! Barry helped me with a Kilt for the Highland games and went above and beyond to make sure I had a kilt to wear for competition. Great quality kilt and exceptional service. If I could give 10 stars, I would! I highly recommend Affordable Kilts!

Affordable Kilts
G Crawford
Quality products

Got kilt at such good price with fly plaid thought maybe quality wasn't as good but boy was I wrong what a great kilt well-made fit was spot just follow your instructions. Your customer service was above and beyond every step of way now waiting on my flashes. Again, Barry thank you for a quality product. Excellent all way around.

Affordable Kilts
Steve Bruchman
Very good quality

The products are very good quality; communication easy and quick, both by phone and email. This business is, without any doubt, the best customer service I've ever received. This will now be my "go-to" Scottish clothing store. Thanks, from a happy Washington state customer!

Affordable Kilts
Trevor Prosser
Just the best!!

Absolutely some of the best customer service I've gotten in a long time! I waited far too long to look into a kilt in time for Robbie Burns, but Barry not only answered my email while he was on holidays, but he also rushed back into the shop as soon as the snow allowed, to ship my order off. He steered me towards the stock he had on hand, explaining that other kilts would take weeks to be made. The kilt I chose arrived today, with time to spare - and it's great! It fits well, feels amazing, and makes you feel like a million bucks! Thanks again Barry - and the next time I order from you, I'll be sure to give you more time!

Affordable Kilts
James Kirkpatrick
Incredible customer service. I can’t recommend enough.

Incredible customer service. I can’t recommend enough.

I got married over the Christmas holidays and found myself in an extremely tight spot needing a sporran to complete my outfit. I had less than 48 hours to sort out a replacement so I reached out to Affordable Kilts. Barry, the owner, went above and beyond to help me on short notice. Despite being on his holidays already and hours away from boarding a plane, he found the time to pick up a sporran for me and get it to my friend to bring to the wedding for me. I was already out of town and he was unbelievably accommodating to find a way to get it to me so I could look my best at my wedding. Without his incredible customer service, there is no way I would have sorted this out in time and that would have put a damper on my wedding day. Thank you again so much Barry, I’ll be going through you for any future purchases.


I just wanted to let you know, the Kilt arrived yesterday, and is PERFECT! I wasn't sure if my request to set the pleats to the Line was going to happen or not, and was tickled to see that, as well as the overall quality is excellent, and worth *twice* every penny, without being an overly expensive kilt. Thank you so much!

I need to break my acquisition for a full kit out over some time, but I can absolutely assure you that I'll be back for more!
Thank you again, your business is fulfilling a massive need! Thank you so much!

Affordable Kilts
Mary Elezebeth O'Malley
Should be 10 stars!!

From our very first interaction with Affordable Kilts it was clear that this was a company which far surpasses its competitors.

My son was the ring bearer in my brother’s wedding. Barry spent time on the phone with us talking us through the pieces needed for the outfit, explaining the pros and cons of certain details and creating a cart for my son’s formal kilt. He even referred us to other companies when he did not have a product we needed to complete the outfit.

I ended up placing the order a little bit late, which lead to a deadline crunch. Barry’s exceptional customer service and attention to detail alleviated so much stress and anxiety. He took time calling other companies and personally talking to his own staff to work with us on finding a solution to get the kilt in time for the wedding. He set up express shipment, tracked the package himself, reached out to the shipping company when it seemed there might be a delay and called me to give me updates every step of the way! We would not have had a kilt for my son to wear in the wedding if not for Barry. He made what would otherwise have been a disaster, manageable. In my humble opinion, this is the soul of what EVERY company should strive to be for their customers!

When the packages arrived the quality of the products far surpassed my expectation. I still find myself, two months later, picking up the kilt and marveling at the workmanship. It is absolutely lovely! I honestly had no idea that a product priced so well, compared to similar items online, would have anywhere near the level of quality and attention to detail that this does!

The kilt was a huge hit at the wedding and my son has been so excited to wear it to other events as well. I am so deeply grateful to Barry and everyone at Affordable Kilts for their resolute customer service and exquisite workmanship. It would be an honor to purchase from them again.

Customer service is the best!

Talk about customer service!!! From the moment my order was received the communication was excellent. My order arrived well within time for the events I had scheduled. Barry reached out to me to let me know of a change that had been made. I look forward to continuing my business with him. Bar far one of the best experiences I’ve had !

Affordable Kilts
Andy Black

I ordered a full outfit from Barry. Product exceptional. Customer service is outstanding and customer service is second to none. Very, very happy customer indeed. Highly recommend anyone to shop Affordable Kilts before going anywhere else. You will not regret it.

This company is more than amazing.

I was having such a hard time finding my fiance his kilt, I had been looking for months and even looking for fabric to make one, by the time I found Affordable Kilts the wedding was 4 weeks away, and they are across the country from me and it needed to be made to fit him, there were none in stock in his size. So easy to talk with this company and I had explained what was going on, not only did they keep in touch with me almost every other day but they were so fast that they got it completed and shipped, (they even express shipped it for me free of charge!!) that it arrived two weeks before the wedding, and it looks amazing, proper tartan colours, (which I couldn't find anywhere) and it fits great. We couldn't be more pleased and if you ever need a kilt I would 110% recommend Affordable Kilts above all else!!!!!!

Affordable Kilts
Chris Nicol
Highly recommend

I have ordered from Barry at Affordable Kilts on several occasions. His prices are more than fair but it is his attention to the customer that sets this business apart. Barry is the quintessential small business owner. He is honest, generous and detail oriented. Barry provides the absolute best service possible. I would recommend Affordable Kilts to anyone.

We are thrilled

Oh my goodness, we are thrilled with how easy the process was. Based on the price of the kilt we purchased, the quality is extremely good. We were not expecting the quality to be so good. We wished we had purchased the kilts etc instead of renting them all these years.

When my son outgrows this kilt we will definitely be buying another affordable kilt. We have also told all our family so they can do the same.
Thanks again,

Affordable Kilts
Kerry French
Amazing products!

I have had the honour of being a customer of Affordable Kilts for the past year and half. I now am the proud owner of 4 kilts, 2 ghillie shirts, socks, brooches, a sgian dubh and a tartan fly. Affordable kilts are just that, affordable! They are of outstanding quality and craftsmanship. I wear my utility kilts just about everywhere, I get lots of looks and get asked where I get my kilts from. A great product gets noticed
Communication is top notch as I have had several phone calls with Barry directly. It is evident in his desire for not only good communication but accuracy in the order that he is a man of heart and cares greatly for both his products and his customers.
Well done Affordable Kilts, well done Barry. I will certainly be ordering again soon!! Slainte!

Affordable Kilts
Tim Gershman
Customer service is a rarity, and Barry's is second to none!

The kilts look incredible! Being a short guy mine needed to be hemmed, but that's completely my fault. I didn't pay attention to the drop length. Luckily I'm also a fairly crafty guy so hemming only took me about an hour even though I know Barry would have probably had an easier solution.
My other half is of Irish / Scottish / Welsh descent, and as long as we've been together I've tried to keep an eye out for kilt pricing. The price results of my first search (back in 2000) nearly knocked me onto the floor.
Thank you, thank you, thank you for awesome products, great pricing, and stellar customer service!

Affordable Kilts
Scott Melton
Barry is the best!

Barry is the absolute best at what he does, and for the price he does. The product is very high quality. Barry's customer service is is where he pulls away from any competition just like this: I needed a McGregor kilt in 3.5 weeks for a wedding where I was the pastor marrying my daughter and her fiancee so everyone would see me so it had to be perfect. Barry got it done, had it in hand before the wedding, got so many compliments on it and how it looked and fit. Oh and just incase you were wondering about the wedding it was perfect. Barry's reputation in the kilt world 🌎 is the bomb 💣 so much so I've ordered 4 more kilts from him. So order with absolutely no worries from Affordable Kilts you will be glad you did. Thanks again Barry.

Affordable Kilts absolutely define 'customer service'!

I placed an order for a gift but forgot to make a complete selection. They took the time to text me to get the information they needed to ensure the gift was received on time. So grateful!

Affordable Kilts
Kelly Smith
Truly Impressed.

The kilts are wonderful. I am really impressed. I like to wear kilts on a whim and usually in a non-traditional way....hiking, sports or just like putting on my favorite pair of jeans and going for coffee on a lazy day....

I have a wool kilt, and though it is hard wearing.....well lets say, I wouldn't wear a 600 dollar pair of pants to lift heavy objects.

Your kilts fit the bill perfectly and the pricepoint is....how can you not buy a kilt at that price!

I think people are skeptical, I was, when they see the price for what they are expecting.....

Let me just say, I am blown away! The quality and craftmanship is second to none.

You give people a great product at a more than fair price and in doing so promote the wearing of the dress of our fore fathers.....

Thank you again and rest assured that I will be returning to purchase again.

Affordable Kilts
Christine Blake
Worth the wait

I just received my first order. It was so worth the wait. The quality your team puts into making them is incredible. You got my business for sure.. Thank you so much.

Affordable Kilts
R J McLeod
Bang for buck is truly remarkable!

I was a little gun-shy to begin with, but given the reasonable price - thought I’d take the gamble. The workmanship is excellent, the material has a nice weight and the kilt hangs properly.

Your extra attention in getting people to measure themselves properly was a great move on your part! Had I not re-read your instructions, I fear that the kit would not have fit at all! The delivery time was reasonable given the level of workmanship in the garment. You get a thumb’s up for a job well done. Have I need of another kilt - I will definitely be in touch!

Affordable Kilts
Joshua Nytch
Absolutely great kilt at a great price, no doubt about it;

Absolutely great kilt at a great price, no doubt about it; but what sets this company apart is the level of customer service and care. You can have zero fear or reservations when it comes to buying from Affordable Kilts, if anything goes wrong, know that they will work tirelessly to correct it. Cannot recommend highly enough!

Affordable Kilts
Mary Gallagher
We are beyond thrilled with our order.

The quality of work and fabric is gorgeous. Customer service was spectacular. My fiancé will be wearing his kilt with pride on our wedding day - thank you so much for that!

Affordable Kilts
Bruce McAara
Very impressed

I am very impressed by the quality of the kilt and jacket I purchased from you. Frankly I was a bit skeptical that you could make an 8 yard kilt for such a reasonable price. After receiving the kilt I decided to order a Prince Charlie jacket and again the quality was very good.

It appeared that you had an issue with the shipment of the jacket but you switched carriers and it came promptly. You also took time to answer my questions. I am very happy with your customer service.
I will be wearing my new outfit to my granddaughter's wedding this fall and to our yacht club Commodore's Ball. If asked I will not hesitate to recommend Affordable Kilts.

Affordable Kilts
Paul Anderson

You know, I just wish I had shopped with you sooner. Was there an issue with my order? Yes. Are you taking care of it? Most certainly. Is the quality of the kilt I received good? No, it’s outstanding. When I opened the package, when I ran my hand over the fabric, it just had a very lux quality…. I put it on with my jacket and dress shirt, and, the way it hung, the way it moved…. You know, I have other kilts, and I always read, oh, this synthetic wool, it’s better than wool, the way it drapes, how it moves, you’ll never know the difference. Then, I got a kilt, a nice kilt, 75% wool, your kilt, and I don’t know if it’s because how it was made, don’t know if it’s the fabric, but there IS a difference, a really big difference. I cannot wait to get my fly plaid (you’ll get a picture/video once I can get my dress ensemble together!). Cheers and thank you, again!