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Anderson Tartan Deluxe Kilt
Greenfield Ronald
Great product...

Took a long while for my order to arrive. I got in touch with the new owner (Chris) and he replied immediately.
When the kilt did arrive, I was pleasantly surprised. The kilt (Anderson tartan) is very good quality and fits like a glove. It looks great on and I can't wait to get out and about in it.
Thanks Chris.

Black Watch Tartan - Casual

Armstrong Tartan Deluxe Kilt
Bruce Etherington
Armstrong Deluxe Kilt

Decent Kilt for the money. To be sure, not full traditional Kilt but a nice lighter version. pleat depth is a little less than expected.

When ordering give yourself adequate lead time before it is actually required. The standard lead time is 8 to 10 weeks. I ordered the Kilt on October 26th and received it on February 6th.


Love it

It’s perfect, worth the wait and everyone was extremely helpful when I had questions.

Does what it says on the label

I found the jacket and vest of adequate quality and styling. The one caveat is, you get what you pay for. It worked for its intended purpose, but do not look for long lasting durability I would surmise.


Gunn Modern Tartan Deluxe Kilt
James Chivers-Wilson
Kilt is great

Love the tartan. Fortunately my wife still lets me think I wear the pants in the family.

MacDonald Ancient Tartan Deluxe Kilt

First kilt

Recommend first kilt and when I put it on I was pleasantly surprised at how well it fit. I was apprehensive while waiting for it to arrive, wondering if I had got the measurements right. I had contacted Barry before I ordered and took his advise on the size to order according to the measurements I had made. I have been losing weight and was concerned that the kilt would be to big later on. Thanks to Barry the kilt will accommodate for a few more inches of weight loss and still fit fine. The first time I wore it was on a chilly, rainy day on the west coast of BC and couldn’t believe how warm it is. No regrets on the purchase and will be making another one soon. As a side note I am happy the Affordable Kilts was able to keep an online presence. I believe that they offer the community a valuable service.

Fit is perfit like usual. Great quality.

Fly Plaids ( Tartans M - Y )
Richard MacCallum
Quality is acceptable

Unexcptable length from order to delivery

The best company

Just received it very good condition well put together
I’d say my only complaint would be maybe 2 things I’d put in the box before sending one would be something that shows cleaning and care of your kilt and the other would be a set of directions on how to put it on and wear it correctly. I got it figured out but it would’ve been nice to have those two things in the box, the whole package that I bought fantastic great quality very well put together. Will definitely recommend this company.

Cargo Utility Kilt - Grey
Ty Allen-Trenholme
Utility Kilts have taken off...

I have provided your business contact information to several folks who seriously DIG your Utility Kilts...

Great customer service from Affordable Kilts! Our order came just before Christmas and fits perfe...

Great service, good price point and durable quality!

Great kilt for the price!

Barry and Team

I'm really impressed with the Deluxe MacIntosh kilt I received in December.
The fabric is heavier than I expected, so it has the weight and feel of my expensive 16 oz kilts from Scotland.
The tartan colors are great, and the weight of the cloth and pleats feel great.
For anyone trying to buy a kilt, but worried about the cost of Scottish kilts, this is a great way to start wearing a kilt.
Again, the MacIntosh Dress tartan looks great, and I'll be wearing this kilt at Burn's Night this month.

After seeing the quality of cloth in this Deluxe Kilt, I'm planning on getting another of my family's tartans from you soon, this one in Ramsey.

Congratulations to Barry for building up his business, and then finding an enthusiast to keep things going.


David (Alexander Macomb) in Denver.

Great kilt

The colours are great I great positive and likes

Grey Spirit

Perfect addition to my collection, the fit was spot on and the craftsmanship was superb, I cannot express it enough! I have purchased many Kilts from here and I have never been disappointed by the quality of their Kilts. I am a very satisfied customer. And I already have my eye on another Tartan that would like to add to my kilt collection.

I'm pretty happy with my new kilt. It came with some minor, I call it "transport damage". The pleats were crumpled up so I wasn't able to unwrap it and jump in to it right away like i did before. 😉 lpp0ppppp

Outstanding quality! This is my third from this company and all are equally impressive. How are they making a profit at these prices? This purchase should be a no brainer if you’re considering!

U s army tartan

Very impressed with quality. Better than expected. Both army and black isle kilts I ordered are great. Rank with the wool kilts I have. Affordable and quality. What more can you ask.

Royal Stewart Tartan Util.

Bought this for something red to wear for Christmas and also on RED Fridays to Remember Everyone Deployed. Love it

Matching Tartan Sash
Roland Yates

Matching Tartan Sash

I ordered four kilts and they all fit perfectly

I ordered four kilts and they all fit perfectly as if I'd been in the shop for fitting.
I have two kilts purchased elsewhere with a nylon liner, it's OK, but your cotton liner feels much better, a more snug fit, a very secure feeling that the kilt is not going to slip. The wool/acrylic fabric feels very soft to the touch and doesn't chaff my knees, the colors are vibrant and clear in the tartan.

Macmillan modern tartan deluxe kilt

Excellent quality and excellent service!

So cool

Thanks a lot. I love those kilts and I Will wear them with pride. Thanks again