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We know that many of you will be or have already ordered from us to give as Christmas gifts. We are working flat out to complete as many of these orders as we can before Christmas but unfortunately that is just not going to be possible in some cases as we need up to 5-6 weeks to complete some orders containing kilts/skirts at this time of year.

We do state on anything tartan related (kilts/skirts/fly plaids/sashes) that there will be a waiting period of between 2-6 weeks.

As there are so many possible variants when it comes to kilts and skirts (different materials / different tartans / different waist sizes / different drop lengths), it's simply not possible to have one of everything in stock ready to be shipped so most (not all) kilts and skirts are only added to our production queue once the order has been received. Our turnaround time from the order being received to shipping can run from anywhere between 2-6 weeks. The period you will have to wait will depend on our full our production queue was when you placed your order. As you  may imagine, we get incredibly busy at this time of year so the turnaround period is closer to 5-6 weeks although we will obviously do our best to make it happen sooner than that. If your order didn't ship before we go away for our Christmas break (see below), it should be ready to ship upon our return.

We do have most of the accessories you see on our website in stock (with a few exceptions) so if your order only contains accessories, there shouldn't be any delay in shipping your order if you order before we close down on December 17th. Please be aware that all the couriers are incredibly busy at this time of year and delays are almost inevitable. This is obviously something that is beyond our control.

The road closures in BC are affecting many of our Canadian shipments. Again, this is obviously something that is beyond anyone's control. The couriers are all doing their best to work around these road closures and get your order to you. 


We are heading back home to Scotland from 20th December to January 13th. Us being away does not affect the production timeline of your order. Our production department will still be operating while we are gone so your kilt/skirt etc will still be made in the 2-6 week period stated. If your order is due to be complete in the period we are gone, it will be shipped to you upon our return to work on the 14th January. 

We will be checking our emails daily while we are gone so please feel free to contact us if you have an urgent question or concern.