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Auld Lang Syne Grey

Auld Lang Syne Grey

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Made to Order, Made in Scotland, using traditional methods handed down for generations

A top-stitched 5-yard casual tartan kilt, made in polyviscose cloth, which is hypoallergenic and much
less expensive than a pure wool kilt, while still being tailored to fit you perfectly. This garment is
Made in Scotland by highly-trained traditional kilt makers
A top-stich kilt means the top of the pleats are sewn on the outside of the kilt, rather than hidden
away on the inside. It takes less time to make a kilt this way, hence we're able to offer a better price.
Kilt straps on this kilt are set with an allowance of 0.5" tighter and 1.5" looser. Polyviscose does not
tend to have a kilting selvedge, so each kilt will be hemmed at the bottom, although we will make
this as discreet as possible.
These kilts are the perfect casual kilt, for when you're off to the game, the pub or just out for the

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