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1. Formal Kilt Outfit Deluxe Package

1. Formal Kilt Outfit Deluxe Package

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Product Details

If you order this package we will contact you to discuss your requirements/sizes etc.

Huge savings to be made by ordering one of our kilt packages.

This 11 piece Deluxe Kilt Package includes:

  • Jacket with vest (Prince Charlie or Argyll)
  • Deluxe Kilt (see our Deluxe section HERE for available tartans or table below)
  • Matching tartan fly plaid
  • Brooch for fly plaid.
  • Tie (either black bow tie or matching tartan neck tie)
  • Matching tartan sock flashes
  • Sporran (see our sporran section HERE for options)
  • Harris Socks (Black or Cream)
  • Sgian dubh
  • Kilt pin (See our pin section HERE for options)

Your order will be shipped within 4-6 weeks (depending on how full our production queue is at the time of your order being received). Please allow up to 10 weeks if possible though to cover for any potential unforeseen delays which there rarely are but can happen.

Tartans available for this package are:

 Abercrombie Anderson Ancient Anderson Modern
Armstrong Baird Ancient Black Isle
Black Watch Dress Black Watch Black Watch Weathered
Boyd Brown Watch Bruce Red
Buchanan Hunting Buchanan Modern Buchanan Muted
Burnett Burns Caledonia Ancient
Cameron of Erracht Cameron Red Campbell of Argyle Ancient
Clark Ancient Colquhoun Ancient Crawford
Davidson Douglas Modern Dundee Ancient
Farquharson Ferguson Ancient  Ferguson Modern
Firefighter Forbes Modern Fraser Red Modern
Fraser Weathered Gordon Dress Gordon Modern
Graham Ancient Graham Modern Great Scot
Grey Spirit Gunn Ancient Gunn Modern
Hamilton Grey Hamilton Red Henderson Ancient
Henderson Modern Highlander Grey Irish Green
Irvine Ancient Irvine Modern Johnstone
Kennedy Modern Kennedy Weathered Lamont Ancient
Leslie Green LGBTQ / Pride Lindsay
MacAlister Modern MacArthur Modern MacCallum
MacDonald Ancient MacDonald Dress MacDonald Modern
MacDonald of Clanranald MacDuff MacFarlane Hunting Ancient
MacFarlane Red MacGregor MacIntosh Hunting Ancient
MacIntosh MacKay Ancient MacKay Modern
MacKenzie Ancient MacKenzie Modern MacKenzie Weathered
MacLaren MacLean Hunting MacLean of Duart
MacLeod of Harris MacLeod of Lewis MacMillan Modern
MacNab MacNeil Ancient MacNeil Modern
MacPherson Hunting MacPerson of Cluny MacQueen
Maple Leaf Masonic Maxwell
Michigan State Moffat Morrison Green
Murray of Atholl New World Celtic Pride of Scotland
Ramsay Blue Robertson Hunting Robertson Red
Ross Hunting Royal Stewart Saffron
Scott Brown Scottish National Scottish National Weathered
Sinclair Hunting Smith Modern Solid Black
Solid Green Spirit of Bruce Spirit of Scotland
St Patrick Stewart Black Stewart Dress
Stewart Hunting Sutherland Tara
Thomson Blue Thomson Camel Urquhart
US Air Force US Army US Coast Guard
US Law Enforcement US Navy USMC Leatherneck
Wallace Hunting Wallace Modern

Shipping & Exchanges/Returns

Our Great Kilts are not eligible for returns or exchanges. For everything else, the following applies:

REFUNDS: Your satisfaction is our highest priority. If you do not love your new purchase, you may return the item(s) for a full refund within 30 days of the item being delivered. Refunds or exchanges will not be processed until the original item(s) have been received back.

EXCHANGES: If you need to exchange your item because you ordered the incorrect size, we require a payment of $20 to cover the shipping cost we will be charged to send the replacement item to you. You will also be responsible for the cost of shipping the original item back to us. We make it VERY clear how to measure properly for a kilt and what NOT to do. PLEASE follow our measuring guide so you don't have to pay these very unnecessary expenses.

Please contact us and tell us that you would like to return the items and we'll take it form there. As returns are so rare for us, we deal with any returns case by case and take it from there. Our policy is not set in stone. The customer will be responsible for the cost of returning the item(s) unless we are at fault.