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New Deluxe Collection

75% Wool Mid Range Deluxe Kilts.  Our Top Selling Kilt.
This is the range that we take orders for the most. These kilts will give the impression that you spent much more than you actually have. These kilts hang great, feel incredible and have that 'swish' you look for when walking.
These kilts are so versatile they look amazing for formal events such as a black tie dinner or wedding. They also look amazing for more relaxed events where a sweater or t-shirt or sweater is favored.
Kilts in our Deluxe collection are made from 8 yards of high quality 16oz 75% wool acrylic blend. 
These kilts come with a standard 24" drop length but can be longer/shorter if requested.
In most cases, you will receive your order within 3-6 weeks but we do ask that you please allow up to 7-10 weeks for any kilts ordered from this collection to allow for any potential unforeseen delays.
Order based on your actual kilt size, not your pant size.  Otherwise you will almost certainly order a size that is too small for you. See our 'how to measure' guide.
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